IF / OS in Wales


Wales generated great support for the IF campaign, bringing together 23 organisations across the country. But it went much further than those formal members, reaching out to dozens of Wales for Africa Community Groups, to schools across the country, a myriad churches and more informal faith groupings, to politicians of all parties, to Welsh and UK leaders.

Come the G8 Summit in June the world's most powerful leaders felt the heat from this little land of the dragon.

So, what did we do?

And what will we do next?



We organised eye-catching launch events - in Cardiff Castle and Wrexham Cathedral - despite the snow! These helped whip up a bit of a media frenzy - the IF message hit TV screens, radio bulletins, newspapers, social media - in a compelling way.

Activities across Wales        

Sporting events were targeted - we didn't even mind if they weren't rooting for Wales! Festivals large and small, conferences, faith gatherings, school assemblies ... wherever people gathered they had the chance to hear about the reality of hunger.



We lobbied politicians of every party - Assembly Members, MPs, MEPs pledged support. Any UK Cabinet minister who ventured across the border - including David Cameron - left knowing that Wales wanted action on global hunger. And we helped chalk up a very significant victory at Budget time, when the the UK Government honoured the historic pledge to spend 0.7% of national income on aid.



Schoolchildren learned about the causes of hunger, wrote their thoughts on paper plates and sent them to David Cameron. Ten children from Wales were among the 100-strong delegation that went to Downing Street to tell the Prime Minister directly what they wanted him to do.


Faith groups

Walks of witness, church services, a myriad creative activities and debates gave believers the chance to make clear that they wanted change that could end the injustice of hunger.

The Big Welsh Bottle

Then there was the Big Welsh Bottle. Working with a social enterprise, schoolchildren made a bottle from recycled plastic bottles to take messages from Wales to the G8 in Northern Ireland. The bottle had its debut in the Urdd Eisteddfod in Pembroke, where it was a festival and media hit. Gathering messages as it edged towards a starring role in Belfast…


Big IF London

...but first there was Hyde Park. Welsh activists joined 45,000 others to create a giant message to leaders gathering for the hunger summit - which pledged over £4bn to tackle child malnutrition.

Big IF Belfast        

Then to Holyhead, where schoolchildren and the local MP were among well-wishers giving the Welsh delegation a good send-off across the Irish Sea, ready to take thousands of Welsh messages to the Big IF Belfast stage.  



And you know what? It worked!

  • To the surprise of many, the G8 agreed to tackle tax dodging.
  • They recognised the harm done by land grabbing in poor communities.
  • They agreed to mobilise finance for climate change adaptation.
  • Plus £2.7bn for child nutrition.
  • Not forgetting the historic UK aid commitment.

So, was it worth our efforts? Yes it was!

Since the Belfast rally and the G8, we have continued to campaign in Wales, asking the Welsh Government to deepen and continue their commitment to the world’s poorest people.


What’s next?

In the months ahead the organisations that came together to work on the campaign will continue to fight:

Through the International Development Hub Wales, we will continue to work together as a sector to achieve further success in the fight against hunger. We hope you will continue to support us through the links provided.