Get your IF wristbands

Wristbands are no longer available. Thank you for purchasing them and spreading the message of the IF campaign.


Do you want to show people you’re supporting the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign?

Want a visible way of saying that you’ve joined our movement to demand action from world leaders on bringing an end to hunger in 2013?

Then get yourself an IF wristband – they’re available now!


About the wristbands

The wristband is a plain white band with Enough Food For Everyone IF embossed on it. There are also multi-coloured ‘IF-lets’ available to slide onto your wristband – these come in purple, yellow, orange and blue. The wristbands are made entirely in the UK and are 100% recyclable.

A host of multi-coloured 'IF-lets', which slide onto the IF wristband

How do I get one?

If you’re getting your IF wristband from an Oxfam, Save the Children or Mary's Living & Giving shop, there is a suggested donation of £1. Your contribution will go to increasing awareness of tackling food and hunger issues.

If you get your wristband online, using the form above, there is a suggested contribution of £1.50 which will also cover postage and package. You’ll receive 1 wristband and 1 ‘IF-let’.


Show us your photos!

You don’t just have to wear your IF wristband! Why not get creative with them? Attach a wristband to the strap of a favourite bag, hook one onto a jacket, or get together with your friends and family and use all your wristbands to spell out a message about the campaign. Whatever you do, don’t forget to share the pics with us on Twitter or Facebook, as we’d love to see them.

An IF wristband with a yellow 'IF-let'