IF in Scotland

IF Scotland plays its part

The Scottish Government also has a role to play in ending the global hunger scandal.

From January to October 2013, a wide range of events, lobbying and campaigning activity called for Scotland to play its part in the goals of the IF campaign.

For example, nearly 5,000 people from across Scotland contacted their MSPs asking them to write to the First Minister about how Scotland could play its part in tackling hunger: 

  • IF Scotland increases the Climate Justice Fund. 
  • IF Scotland ensures the billions spent by government on buying also supports fair trade, tax transparency and environmental sustainability. 
  • IF Scotland invests in global citizenship to make sure we understand the cause of hunger and poverty. 
  • IF Scotland uses our own land story to protect the land rights of people in developing countries. 
  • IF Scotland measures the impact we have as a country on global hunger and poverty. 

In response, the Scottish Government has doubled the Climate Justice Fund to help communities adapt to the impact of climate change.

They have committed £600,000 to promote global citizenship education, investing in our future generations so that they understand their role and responsibilities in bringing about lasting change.   

The Scottish Government has also said they are looking at how all of the work that goes on across government should do no harm to communities in the developing world.