IF in Northern Ireland

Thank you to everyone who joined with the IF campaign in Northern Ireland to make sure that the voices of the world’s poorest people were heard at the G8 summit in Enniskillen. A lot of progress was made on aid, tax, land and transparency - but there is still much to be done. You can read more about what the campaign achieved in our guide to IF.

Thank you to all those who raised awareness or took action, who wrote to, emailed or lobbied their MPs, attended the Big IF in Botanic Gardens, Belfast or the IF service at St Macartin’s and St Michael's in Enniskillen.

Although the IF campaign is coming to a close, the member organisations will continue to campaign on the same issues, both individually and together, as the Coalition of Aid and Development Agencies in Northern Ireland (CADA)You can find out more about what the members are doing and how you can get involved by following the links below:

Thanks again for all your support.