Young people

Thank you!

Young people have played an amazing part in the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign. From lobbying MPs, taking part in stunts, coming to the Big IF rallies and making the beautiful films shown below, the campaign wouldn't have been so much fun - or made so much impact - without you.

It doesn't end here

Although world leaders took some positive steps at the G8, we need to keep holding them to account to make sure that hunger becomes a thing of the past. We need to make sure that words become action and promises are delivered. Why not get involved with one of the campaign’s members to make sure you get all the latest developments and can keep acting for a world without hunger?

The organisations below can specifically support you to carry on campaigning in student or youth groups: 

  • Christian Aid Collective is a network of young people and students who are passionate about using their talents, their time and their energy to change the world. They believe that together, we can end poverty.
  • Bollocks to Poverty is ActionAid’s youth arm. They want you to ditch the guilt and say "bollocks to poverty" by doing something you love. Whether it’s through music, art, activism or shopping, there’s loads of ways to say bollocks to poverty.
  • Restless Development is running the UK government’s International Citizen Service (ICS) - your chance to spend 10 weeks or more volunteering overseas and continue your positive action once you return home.
  • Y Care International work with YMCAs and other youth organisations around the world, to help disadvantaged and vulnerable young people enrich their lives and to build a more just world, free from poverty.