Write to the Chancellor

Please note: this action is now complete. Thank you to everyone who wrote letters to the Chancellor.


What we need you to do

We need over 1,000 personal letters to be sent to the Chancellor, George Osborne - this is the minimum number to get it on the radar of Treasury officials and the Chancellor himself.

Ahead of this year's Budget on Wednesday 20 March, send a personal letter to:

Rt Hon George Osborne MP

Chancellor of the Exchequer

HM Treasury

1 Horse Guards Road

London SW1A 2HQ



Please ensure that your letter is sent before Sunday 17 March so that the Chancellor receives it in plenty of time. Friends and family should write their own letters, though they can sign yours if they prefer.


Putting it in your own words

It's essential that the Treasury receives personal letters from individuals, well ahead of the Budget, which show that people like you care passionately about the issue of global hunger and how aid and stopping tax dodging can help.

Below are some talking points, but it's vital that you write the letter in your own words.


Talking points

  • Introduce yourself. Make sure you're answering these questions. Where do you live? What do you do? Why are you writing to the Chancellor?
  • Tell the Chancellor how you feel about the fact that 1 in 8 of the world's population goes to bed hungry every night, despite the fact that there is enough food in the world.
  • Call on the Chancellor to take the historic opportunity to meet the UK's promise to give 0.7% of national income to international aid, to stop children dying from hunger and help the poorest people feed themselves. Explain to the Chancellor why you think this is such an important thing to do.
  • Also in the Budget, the Chancellor could signal that he will use the Finance Bill to make it harder for companies registered in the UK to hide the fact that they are dodging taxes in poor countries. These countries can then use the tax they're owed to help millions of people have enough food to live. Let the Chancellor know that you want to see this in the Budget too.
  • In June 2013, the Prime Minister will hold a Hunger Summit and a meeting of the G8 leaders in the UK. Tell the Chancellor why you think it's important that the UK takes a lead on international aid (0.7% in the Budget) and stopping tax dodging.

You can get further advice and tips by downloading our guide to writing your letter to George Osborne.



  • Write the letter in your own words.
  • Send it before Sunday 17 March.
  • Over 1,000 personal letters need to be received to make an impact.