8 June: Big IF London

On Saturday 8 June, tens of thousands of people gathered in Hyde Park for the Big IF London rally. They were there to make a massive noise in demanding that G8 leaders - meeting in Northern Ireland on 17-18 June - take action to tackle global hunger and save the lives of millions.

This page was updated throughout the day with pictures and news from the event. Thanks to all the IF campaigners out in Hyde Park who tweeted such fantastic photographs and video clips, some of which are featured below.



Good morning, and welcome to what's going to be a wonderful day at the Big IF London rally in Hyde Park, as tens of thousands of IF campaigners gather to tell world leaders that it's time to take action on hunger at the forthcoming G8 summit. From 10.00am, people will be planting their spinning flowers on our already huge Big IF installation. At 2.00pm, there'll be films from the campaign shown in the main rally area, and then hosts Myleene Klass and Gethin Jones will take to the stage at 3.30pm to introduce a line-up of great speakers and performances.

The Big IF installation of a field of spinning flowers, with each of the millions of petals representing a child's life lost because of malnutrition, has been taking shape in Hyde Park over the past two days thanks to hundreds of dedicated volunteers. The crowds attending Big IF London will be adding to this soon, but here's how amazing it was already looking yesterday evening as the sun went down.

Photo via @popslloyd30 on Twitter.



"Prime Minister @David_Cameron tells us how proud he is of the @EnoughFoodIF campaign and the work that British NGOs do #Nutrition4growth" - @MADEinEUR on Twitter



"#G8 used to discuss hunger with only notebooks. Because of pressure they now bring cheque books. Now we have to rewrite the rule book #BigIF" - @benphillips76 on Twitter



Fantastic photo giving a sense of the enormous scale of the Big IF installation that's taking shape in Hyde Park this morning.



Prime Minister David Cameron and International Development Secretary Justine Greening meet with young Tanzanian activists, Frank and Mwajuma (who also featured in yesterday evening's live web chat with Bill Gates), to talk about the problem of hunger at the Nutrition for Growth summit in London this morning.

The event - hosted by the UK government, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), and the Government of Brazil - is focussed on "beating hunger through business and science". It brings together business leaders, scientists, governments and civil society to make the political and financial commitments needed to prevent undernutrition, enabling people and nations to prosper.

(Photo: Simon Davis/DFID)



Watch Eddie Izzard's powerful video statement about today's Nutrition for Growth meeting: "The Nutrition summit is the opportunity for the Prime Minister to show leadership and commit the funds needed to see the beginning of the end of hunger. Now is the time for David Cameron to act for children around the world."



Want to see what's involved in making just one of the many thousands of spinning flowers that make up the Big IF installation at Hyde Park today? (Via @ftsov on Twitter.)



There's so much happening today - not only the Nutrition for Growth summit and the Big IF London! Just starting at Westminster Central Hall, the IF Ecumenical Church Service brings together people in their faith and deep concern for the world. The congregation will worship and pray and then, following the service, will walk to Hyde Park for the rally. Over 3000 IF supporters are in attendance and, as you can see from this photo posted by @bopperbeth on Twitter, the place is packed! (In fact, on Twitter @sarahlcrouch has posted an update saying that there's an impromptu service starting outside because both the main service and the overflow venue are full!)



Two photos from either side of the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park. On the left, IF campaigners add their contribution to the ever-growing installation of 250,000 spinning flowers; on the right, a photo from @mdgreyhound on Twitter showing final preparations being made to the stage from where, later this afternoon, hosts Myleene Klass and Gethin Jones will welcome thousands of people ready to make a massive noise and tell G8 leaders that it's time to take urgent action to end global hunger.



Prior to the IF Ecumenical Church Service starting at Westminster Central Hall, church leaders (and, of course, a big IF) posed for a picture. (Photo: Clive Mear/Tearfund)



"Huge crowds still leaving Westminster Central Hall joining the march to Hyde Park. Atmosphere is electric! #BIGIF" - @CAFOD on Twitter



"About to chat through the #BigIF show with @KlassMyleene. Getting inspiration from this man..." - @GethincJones on TwitterGethin Jones and Myleene Klass are hosting the Big IF London rally, which kicks off very soon.



We've got a message from YouTuber Charlie McDonnell (AKA charlieissocoollike) and his mum Lindsay Atkin. Are you on Twitter? Then they want you to tweet a message to Prime Minister @David_Cameron about tackling global hunger at the G8:



With the start of the Big IF London fast approaching, there's big news from the Nutrition for Growth summit: the Prime Minister has put the scandal of under-nutrition firmly on the map.



"Really enjoying the march to Hyde Park for the #BigIF this afternoon!" - @MRDF on Twitter



As the Big IF London crowds begin to gather in front of the Hyde Park stage, thousands have been raising their voices in unison to sing the 'ending hunger anthem' by @OneWorldOneSong. Take a look at the inspiring lyrics.



"Ready for @EnoughFoodIF to begin. Bill Gates and Danny Boyle speaking to demand @G8 action on world hunger. #BigIF" - @LukeWHarris on Twitter



This morning's IF Ecumenical Church Service, which saw 3,500 people packing out Westminster Central Hall, heard powerful statements by both the Archbishop of Westminster and the Archbishop of Canterbury.



"@davidharewood and David Gyasi making a stand for the 1 in 8 at #BigIF" - @Tearfund on Twitter



A great Vine video offering a sense of the Big IF London atmosphere. (Via @Gh0stOfEllie on Twitter.)



Back in January, on a bitterly cold night at Somerset House in London, BBC Radio 6 Music's Lauren Laverne hosted the IF campaign's fantastic launch event. Six months later, here she is on a blissfully warm day in Hyde Park with the message that we're hoping as many people as possible will tweet to the Prime Minister.



The Big IF London rally has just taken to the stage in Hyde Park! Here's a view looking across the huge crowd of IF campaigners from just in front of the performing area.



Film director and the man behind last year's Olympic opening ceremony, Danny Boyle, addresses the rally: "The Olympic spirit is that everyone is of equal value. That's the spirit of the Big IF... let's be Change Makers, not just Games Makers!"

Danny Boyle address the Big IF rally

(Photo: Geoff Caddick/PA Wire)



Following actor David Harewood urging the crowd to tweet @David_Cameron using the hashtag #BigIF to tell the Prime Minister why they're at the rally today, Bill Gates has taken to the stage: "You are the activist generation. Tell leaders that a world where 2 million children a year die of hunger is unacceptable".

"Bill Gates just cited Emily Wilding Davison & #suffragettes as precursors to today's #BigIF" - @lucindahawksley on Twitter

(Photo: Geoff Caddick/PA Wire)



"Danny Boyle supports #IF at the #BigIF" - @RachEdwards8 on Twitter



Leaders from across the faiths have united on the Big IF London stage, saying that we need to demand from G8 leaders that food is given to all, no matter where they live. In a video message, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, says: "We've come to celebrate the opportunity we have to end hunger in our lifetimes. The only way that's going to happen is by mass movements of people, like yourselves, getting together".



Figures coming in for the number of attendees at​ the Big IF London in Hyde Park: there are 45,000 people here under a blazing London sun, raising their voices to demand that G8 leaders take action to end global hunger. If you're not able to be here today, apart from this live blog you can also follow events on Twitter using the #BigIF hashtag.



And the crowds of IF campaigners at Big IF London just keep on growing...



"Bill Gates speaking at the #bigif @David_Cameron please pay attention #g8" - @joffw on Twitter



"You don't often get @KlassMyleene @billgates and Danny Boyle together in one place #bigif" - @justinforsyth on Twitter



IF youth campaigners from Tanzania, Frank and Mwajuma, tell the assembled crowds that "IF we keep up the pressure, we can beat hunger".



"Dan Roche from Outnumbered - 'I'm 13 and I think we can eradicate hunger, so why don't we just do it?' Well said! #bigif" - @redcablesunday on Twitter



Another great Vine video giving just a brief flavour of today's Big IF London events in Hyde Park. (Via @megdesign on Twitter.)



Singer and campaigner Angelique Kidjo makes a powerful speech to the Big IF London rally, telling them "I will fight for every child for the rest of my life". She also receives a huge cheer when she tells them about the $4.1 billion pledge from today's Nutrition for Growth summit.



Following a video message from David Beckham telling everyone to tweet @David_Cameron that "the time for the G8 to act is now", former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams leads the crowd in a minute's silence as an act of respect for the millions who have died of hunger.



It's an odd combination, that's for sure, as the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, introduces beatboxer Beardyman to the stage! Beardyman, otherwise known as Darren Foreman, has been called "the King of Sound and the Ruler of Beats". He's brought his beatboxing skills to Big IF London and is encouraging the 45,000-strong crowd to make a huge noise to shake up the G8 leaders - and they do!

After such a deafening noise, Beardyman delivers a loud message to David Cameron: "That was for you! We are your boss!"



Thousands of you haven't just made a big noise in Hyde Park about ending hunger - IF campaigners have also been shouting loudly on Twitter, too. #BigIF has been trending there all afternoon. Good work!



The Big IF London hosts, Myleene Klass and Gethin Jones, return to the stage for the final time this afternoon. Myleene says: "You have been part of history today. FACT!", while Gethin adds: "Tell your children, I was there when we finally said ENOUGH with hunger!"



Backstage with the brilliant Urban Voices Collective, following their storming performance at the Big IF London.



And so the Big IF London rally comes to a close. It's been an absolutely amazing day, with 45,000 IF campaigners filling Hyde Park to demand that G8 leaders take action on global hunger when they meet in Northern Ireland in just over a week's time - and showing them the powerful image below, made up of 250,000 spinning flowers and with each one of the millions of petals representing a child's life lost because of malnutrition.

But the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign is far from over. One week from today, on Saturday 15 June, it's the Big IF Belfast event, followed by the G8 summit itself on 17-18 June.

We've got 10 days to tackle hunger. World leaders must act to save the lives of millions.

If you haven't yet joined the IF campaign, add your name today. Get your family and friends to sign up too. The more people who push the message that there’s "Enough Food For Everyone IF…", then the harder it’ll be for the G8 to ignore it.

Thanks for being part of the Big IF London today, whether you were in Hyde Park or following the rally online.