IF@G8 bloggers

The IF@G8 bloggers brought an authentic voice to the G8 Summit.

We invited them to take the views of tens of thousands of IF campaign supporters into the Summit and provide an insight into how world leaders make decisions that affect billions of people across the globe. Our bloggers have first hand experience of the effects that decisions made by governments have on people both in the UK and in the developing world.

Meet our four bloggers below.

Name: Jack Monroe

Blog: A Girl Called Jack

About:  "25-year-old single mum, prodigious blogger, austerity cook extraordinaire, and breadline veteran" - The Guardian

Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

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Name: Richard Murphy

Blog: Tax Research UK

About: Richard Murphy, aged 55, is a UK chartered accountant best known for his work on tax havens, tax avoidance and the tax gap - which is the money the government is owed but does not get. He was one of the founders of the Tax Justice Network. He recently also became director of the newly launched Fair Tax CampaignRichard is co-author of the most used book in universities on tax havens, has been a World Bank consultant and created the country-by-country reporting concept - which should be one of the key issues under discussion at the G8. He has served on UK government advisory committees on tax, most recently on The General Anti-Abuse Rule earlier this year. His campaigns against tax abuse have divided his own accounting profession and have helped put tax in the headlines.

Twitter: @RichardJMurphy

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Name: Rosebell Kagumire

Blog: Rosebell's Blog

About: Rosebell is a blogger and activist from Uganda. She has been a journalist for nine years, for TV and newspapers. In the past three years she has worked on blogging projects both for Oxfam and the Nobel Women initiative.

Twitter: @RosebellK

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Name: Sarah Robinson

Posts: Follow Sarah's posts on the Mumsnet Talk forum

About: Sarah has been selected by Mumsnet users to represent them at the G8 Summit. She's a mother to small boys and has also worked for an aid charity - where she has seen first hand, in Ethiopia and Uganda, the need to end global hunger.

Twitter: @SarahRobinson78

Sarah's latest posts

  • My Journey to the G8For the Huffington Post, Sarah writes about what she's doing in Enniskillen as one of our IF@G8 bloggers